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We advise you along the entire value chain,
depending on which one Stage of project
development you are at.
This starts with optimizing your existing system
or developing a new system.

Important milestones in the early phase are

  • Input materials - technology - marketing 

  • Optimization of the cash flow model 

  • Optimization of the GHG quota

  • Support with regard to the financial viability of your project 


Evidence management

  • Preparation for the initial certification 

  • Sustainability certification Sure/RedCert 

After commissioning 

  • Balancing group management 

  • Transport and billing questions 

Our service and network

Biomethane balance sheet

Balance sheet management

Transportation management

Transportation management

Management biomethane

Portfolio management

Partner for biomethane


Certificate of proof of biomethane

Evidence management

GHG marketing

GHG marketing

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