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Financial security is there
our top priority! 

Production of biomethane

Our concern is your product

to the appropriate onecustomer

to convey. Customers can 

  • Municipal companies 

  • Institutional buyers 

  • Bulk buyers 

  • be corporations 

In addition to security and your revenue, the focus is on other factors:

which, in our view, can be vital for biomethane suppliers: 

  • Contract design (e.g. definition of the trading point, determination of delivery quantities) 

  • Security of sales (if necessary, quantity division) 

  • Transparency 

  • Requirements of the banks (financing of the project, e.g. creditworthiness of the buyer) 


Proceeds may come from the sale of 

  • GHG quota 

  • Physical gas (biomethane, CNL, LNG, LPB, hydrogen, CO2). 

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