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Put your trust in our team –
with more than 20 years of market experience!

The company's practical experience ranges from operational plant management to project development, commercial services and biomethane trading.

Benefit from our knowledge of supply and demand and the network value we have built up over many years. We only work with verified and reliable trading partners. Our aim is to protect you from risks and to utilise all opportunities. That's why our service starts with the initial idea of your project.

Depending on the quality of your gas, we can place your product in
a targeted manner, e.g. in the

  • Heat production

  • Fuel sector

  • Electricity market (CHP systems)

  • Industry

Heat biomethane


Biomethane on the heating market. Warm up!

Use green heat now.

Biomethane fuel


The fuel for mobility

Full tankplease! Totally on biomethswitch to

Electricity from biomethane


Electricity generation in CHP.

Under power!

EEG versionflow with biomethaneEsuccess concept

Biomethane for industry


The raw material for industry.

Make products green!

Biomethane inProduction process.

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