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Dr. Thomas Griese, Lee NRW, emphasized the already great importance of biogas in flexible power generation. He also mentioned the properties of biogas as an all-rounder and sees its future opportunities in further flexibilization.

Katrin Uhlig MdB, The Greens, emphasized that biogas is the only renewable energy source that can be stored. In the future, hydrogen could be a supplement.

Solar Package I is currently being negotiated. Behind this is a "small amendment to the EEG" with regard to remuneration. Ms. Uhlig said that she could not comment on developments in the biogas sector, as results can only be achieved with all coalition partners in Berlin.

Dr. Markus Pieper, MEP, rapporteur for renewable energies in the EU Parliament, rejects the retroactive certification of existing biogas plants. However, the EU Council has implemented it with Germany's express consent.

In his opinion, Germany has more leeway in Red III than Berlin would have us believe. In his opinion, biogas will remain important for base load in the future. Germany relies too heavily on foreign power plants, nuclear power plants in neighboring countries and dirty electricity from the Czech Republic to provide base load.

If you want to see how the electricity currently flows within the EU countries, he recommended the Electricity Maps app.


In the subsequent panel discussion, Dr. Griese mentioned that Germany has developed from a model pupil to a problem child within the EU in the field of biogas.


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